Ayo Kursus encourages youth to enhance competency, acquire skills

Jakarta (ANTARA) - The Ayo Kursus (Let's Course) Program could encourage the younger generation to improve their competency and acquire apposite new skills, Education, Culture, Research, and Technology Ministry's official, Wartanto, stated here Saturday.

"The Ayo Kursus Program encourages our younger generation to conduct reskilling and upskilling, improve their competency, and offer them new skills that fit the needs of the business and industry world," he noted.

Through this program, the younger generation could acquire new skills that would help them adapt to the world of business and industry.

In addition, they are not only mentored to become employees but they could be taught to succeed as entrepreneurs.

The program also aligns with the Merdeka Belajar (Freedom in Learning) policy proposed by Education, Culture, Research, and Technology Minister Nadiem Anwar Makarim.

Moreover, this effort is expected to encourage children, who quit school, to continue their education, Wartanto affirmed.

The program is testament to the fact that vocational education is one of the solutions to hold learning activities that match with the participants' interests and talents in realizing Merdeka Belajar.

One of the program's participants, Wayan Martini Asih, noted that the program granted knowledge and instilled good values, such as strong religious spirit, effective communication, appropriate manners, talent development, and cooperation.

The Ayo Kursus Program comprises two programs: Work Capability Program (PKK) and Entrepreneurial Capability Program (PKW).

The two programs offer an opportunity to vocational graduates keen to hone their skills to work and embark in entrepreneurship.

The program offers an opportunity for future participants to attend a training course for 100 to 400 hours with the government's assistance.

The targets of the Ayo Kursus Program are children not going to school, those not in college, those not working, and those under the age of 25.

The program's participants should have the Smart Indonesia Card (KIP), not be registered as Pre-employment Card recipients, and not be registered as participants for undergoing PKK and PKW.


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